When you hear the word sustainable the first that comes to your mind is the environment. The sustainable use of any resource is to use it in such a manner that the least amount of it is utilized in the most optimum way so that the resource is not exhausted and can be made available for use for the future generations as well. One of the many elements of sustainable development is sustainable landscaping. What is the sustainable landscaping? And what are its impact and importance? Let’s find out.

Sustainable landscaping is to design and construct your home or office in such a manner that facilitates the minimum yet eco-friendly usage of resources like land, water and energy. Sustainable landscaping actually allows you to beautify your premises while conserving and preserving the environment. Here’s how you can achieve sustainable landscaping at home:

  1. Rainwater harvesting system: build a reservoir or mechanism that collects rainwater from various parts of your property so that the rainwater and be preserved and used after filtration. A newspaper article stated that just a single house of about 2000 sq. ft. has the capacity to capture around 2 lakh litres of water per year. If all houses and apartments begin rainwater harvesting, imagine the extent to which portable water on earth can be conserved.
  2. Choose the right plants: beautifying your garden with indigenous low maintenance plants save the environment beyond the task of purifying the air around. Plants like agave, bougainvillaea, oleander, verbena, etc. can stay without water for a considerable time, thus further helping you in saving water.
  3. Eco-friendly plant care practices: use organic or natural manure or compost for your garden. This can help in improving the quality of the soil which can prove to be really healthy if you also plan to have a kitchen garden. While using chemicals based manures and fertilizers will not only damage your health but also eventually make land barren.

Reduce waste by reusing waste. Use discarded tyres, cans and containers as flower pots.

  1. Green roof: Apart from decorating you balconies with climbers and creepers and investing in wall hanging gardens, you can also have your roof covered with vegetation. Such abundance of greenery will not only improve the air and water quality of your area but also keep the atmosphere cool. This will eventually lead to less use of energy and less pollution due to reduced utilization of electrical appliances as fans, ACs, etc.

A good home is one that not only makes your life better but also makes the world a better place to live in. If you want to contribute to saving the world, then choose Aparna Constructions for your dream home. Apart from providing you with world-class amenities and luxuries we also believe in building for the future by focusing on sustainable landscaping. Check out our projects near you, now:



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