People & Training

In line with perfection

With high expectations from Facility Management services come the urgent need for qualified and trained FM professionals, who can manage the facility breakdowns in no time. The facility services could start by doing the basic task of garbage collection, maintenance of trees and lawns and public utilities to the high-end task of tracking parking vehicles and security patrols.

So, our Inhouse academic centre, interim accommodation, and training materials on HK, MEP, Horticulture, onsite and off

site are extensively designed to expose our staff to a high standard of FM best practices and other forms of education related to the field advancements. The programs are a mix of short courses, videos, activities and on-field training along with job descriptions that are clearly stated to help them perform their skills effectively.

The initial stage of training mostly talks about the entire nature of work and the later stages of training include a detailed description of how to gather data and information and establish key priorities for the organization. Throughout the training process, we constantly measure the performance indicators to identify the areas of improvement of employees taking them back to a preliminary level.

Our association with NICMAR provides PG diploma program in facility management for 10 enthusiastic working executives per year.

Since for us learning is a long-term and continuous process, we frequently plan courses for our staff members and make sure they get to explore other areas of training depending on how they perform and any recent trend in the Facility Management industry.