Where does all your monthly maintenance money go? Most of it goes in facility management. Facility management pertains to the upkeep and maintenance of the common areas and common amenities of the gated community you reside in. Is their maintenance worth the hype and expenditure? Let’s check out.

Here are 5 reasons why facility management is important:

  1. Security and safety: The common area or amenities also include the CCTV cameras, visitor’s logbooks, gate entry data records, fencing, etc. Their maintenance is the responsibility of the facility management. Apart from the security personnel, it is these inanimate safety arrangements that help to prevent any mishap or crime from occurring and/ or to catch hold of the wrongs does well in time.
  2. Health and diseases: It’s the duty of the facility management to keep the lawns and gardens mowed and pest-free; collect and dispose garbage daily in a healthy and safe manner; furnish the common swimming pool with fresh water and keep it free from debris, insects and moss; prevent water stagnation in the corridors and parking lots during monsoon, etc. All these measures will help curb the breeding of cockroaches, frogs, flies, and mosquitoes that can otherwise cause many harmful diseases and also invite other dangerous predators of the food chain – rats, lizards, snakes, etc.
  3. Saves money: If the lifts, gas units, generator, etc. are regularly and religiously serviced, looked after and repaired in time by the facility management it will only increase the longevity of these necessary appliances. If the facility management is irresponsible, it will lead to frequent breakdown and replacement of such machinery which can be an expensive ordeal.
  4. Makes everyday living easy: When the common areas are well-lit and kept clean and dry it prevents accidents. Moreover, when facility management looks after the functioning of the lifts, water motors, generators, etc., they ensure that you get your water and electricity supply 24/7 in a hassle-free manner. You can also arrange memorable parties at your premises with the help of good facility management.
  5. Helpful during an emergency: A good facility management not takes care of the common amenities that are in regular use but also of those that may be needed during a rare emergency – fire exits, extinguishers, water hoses, alarms, maintain a stock of extra diesel, torches, first aid kits, etc.

Next, whenever you check out a property, don’t forget to examine the facility management provisions and arrangements of that place. Always opt for builders like Aparna Property Management Services who give importance to facility management responsibly. Why should you choose Aparna Constructions? Find out more here: https://www.aparnaconstructions.com/


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