Bringing the magic of personalisation

From burst pipes to errors and accidents, there are a lot of facility management issues that can bring the productivity to a grinding halt. Hence, for quick responses, it becomes critical to have an automated reporting system or chain of command for escalating the issues and getting it fixed. For that matter, even basic problems such as a broken ceiling light, not replaced for two weeks, due to manual slowdowns can have a ripple effect. Therefore at APMS, we pay a lot of emphasis on technology-driven actions that help us to move past these inevitable breakdowns and get maintenance back on track.

Our equipped technology integrations use specific algorithms for all the FM staff to make use of, which means that the integrations are such that provide relevancy across all the verticals. Even the entry-level employees can put the integrations to make the logistical parts of their everyday job hassle-free.

Also, the tech installations are always collecting data about the workplace and the workforce and connect to a workplace management system, where all of that data is consolidated into a single platform that identifies opportunities to improve how the facility is run and automatically escalates issues.

At APMS, we have a proactive approach to maintenance that is based on the actual utilization of the assets and helps prevent unexpected equipment breakdowns through the dispatch of automatic updates to facilities managers when the system detects a potential threat.

Although, staying current on technology advances can seem quite daunting but at the same time the benefits are astounding and at APMS, we focus on providing benefits to our clients by building an agiler and higher performing workplace.